About MIC

What is the Municipal Innovators Community (MiC)?

One of our favourite things about working in municipal government is the willingness of municipalities to share their ideas, pilots, projects and programs with other municipalities.  We decided to propose MIC as a way to enable the sharing of information about municipal innovation across Canada. 
Dana Clarke & Rhonda Bunn, Innovate Barrie

Founded in Barrie in 2015 and launched with a conference Driving Innovation in Municipalities, the Municipal Innovators Community (MIC) is a free network for municipal employees of all levels and job functions to connect, learn and share ideas.

MiC Value Proposition

The MiC Value Proposition

Our vision: MIC inspires municipal innovation to be visible, accessible, repeatable and evolving.

Our mission: MIC connects municipal employees to a national community with ideas, tools, experts and approaches that support and improve municipal services.

MiC Steering Committee

MiC is managed by a volunteer steering committee committed to supporting the MiC value proposition. Get to know our current Steering Committee members and read about open positions.

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