Burlington’s Employee Culture Team

Burlington’s Employee Culture Team

A Fresh and Engaging Approach to Enhancing the City of Burlington’s Organizational Culture from Within.

Since the release of the results from the City of Burlington’s employee Culture Survey in April 2016, we are already enhancing the culture at the City of Burlington.

More than 50 employees from across the organization responded to a call out from the City Manager, James Ridge, for volunteers to form an employee culture team, with more than 30 employees continuing their involvement today.  A direct “call out” to all employees was a bit of a different approach to getting teams of staff involved.  Staff from every level of the organization got involved and stepped forward, demonstrating the commitment that many had to their workplace.
Five commitments (themes) were developed by the grass roots employee team and sub-teams were formed to address the themes and develop action plans. The five teams have come up with five cultural commitments and developed action plans that they presented to the Leadership team for endorsement.  Part of the leadership commitment to the team when they were formed was that whatever they came up with would be implemented.

The City of Burlington’s Employee Culture Team’s Cultural Commitments are:

  • Living Our Values: Our shared values are embedded in our culture and are demonstrated in everything we do
  • Investing in Our People: Making an investment in the growth and development of our staff to foster empowered and engaged employees
  • Keeping Others in the Know: We commit to timely, consistent, accessible and transparent communication across the organization
  • Working Together: We believe in collaborating as partners to build camaraderie and strong organizational outcomes
  • Evolve…Better than Yesterday: To modernize service delivery in the City of Burlington by investing in and building an innovative workforce

This is just a snap shot of the initiatives that started in 2017 and continue into 2018 that were created and lead internally by staff;

  1. Internal staff survey about recognition programs
  2. Investigation and workplan development of an online staff recognition program
  3. TV Burlington – Screens installed across organization to keep staff informed and connected to what’s going on in the organization
  4. Innovation tools and programs deployed across the organization for all staff such as Innovation in a Box, Think Tank, @innov8 space.
  5. Launch of the Innovation Café – employee managed innovative improvements pitch program
  6. Communications Advisory Team – works with our communications staff on internal communications.
  7. Staff survey and workshops to develop corporate values for the City.

The City of Burlington is well on its way to create an enhanced organizational culture.

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