Communities of Practice

Alone we are smart, Together we are brilliant. Steven Andersen

A Community of Practice is an effective way of creating a network of support around people with similar skills or passions. In municipal government, we are seeing communities of practice created to support decentralized resources who have been trained in toolsets such as LEAN, innovation and facilitation.

Do you use a community of practice in your municipality? We want to hear about it!

Starting or building an Innovation Community of Practice?

These resources have been provided by the panelists of The Mentors Live from the 2018 MIC conference. Feel free to reuse, modify and share.

Sample tools and templates

Additional Resources


About our Thought Leaders

Joanne Armstrong
Allison Bailey

As part of its efforts to increase capacity for continuous improvement across the organization, York Region is a leader in using Communities of Practice to support and engage a growing number of  process-improvement champions, innovators and facilitators.

Have any questions or want to learn more about York Region’s Communities of Practice? Allison Bailey and Joanne Armstrong are our Community of Practice Thought Leaders and would be happy to connect. Reach out via

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