Human Centred Design

Learn how you can use HCD to design for users.

What if we took a new approach? What if we tried? Thought Leaders share their stories, knowledge and experiences to spark ideas and inspire possibilities for innovation…. We encourage you to think what if?

Human Centred Design is a methodology to design new possibilities with those we are designing for at the heart of the process. By grounding ourselves in empathy, we ensure we understand the experience of our “end users” and are creating solutions that will be most helpful to them.  As Thought Leaders we hope our stories will help others connect and make a different in their workplace and communities.

Have you experimented with Human Centred Design? We want to hear about it!




About our Thought Leaders

Dr. Darren Levine
Laura Stephan

Darren and Laura work for the Region of Durham’s Innovation and Research unit. To learn more about Durham’s focus on innovation, visit

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