Can’t get enough of our awesome MIC workshops??? Introducing our BONUS workshop…

Up Your Game with Innovative Brainstorming

This engaging and interactive workshop will show you how to “up your game” with innovative tools and techniques to help you Infuse innovation into your team’s thinking.  Presentations, demonstrations and small group practice, will expose you to different and innovative methods to create more productive brainstorming results while addressing different participation styles.  Learn how to combine tools and techniques to help  groups and folks you work with think differently and yield breakthrough ideas and solutions.

The workshop focuses helping you reach new heights with a well-known, but often poorly used tool – brainstorming.  Karyn and Helen will present well-researched and planned material and lead you through interactive learning experiences and show you how to apply this in your workplace for amazing results.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Bring new life into this basic tool.
  2. Change-up brainstorming with innovative techniques to improve participation.
  3. Infused innovation into brainstorming to achieve breakthrough results.
  4. Ensure full engagement of all participants, regardless of the group’s size or composition.
  5. Energize groups by making brainstorming lively, fun and productive.
  6. Walk away with tools and techniques that can be applied in your next brainstorming session.
  7. Inspire participants, and drive creativity and innovation even with people who think they are “not creative”.

When: 9 a.m.  to noon, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
Where: Mountainside Recreation Center, 2205 Mount Forest Dr., Burlington, Ont.
Cost: FREE! This is our gift to registered MIC participants to say thanks for joining us

Your Facilitators for this workshop are:
Karyn Stock-MacDonald, Business and Innovation Coach, City of Mississauga
Helen Break, Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Oshawa

This is a MIC exclusive event with only 40 available seats. You will be sent your personal invitation with password once you’ve registered for the MIC conference on Sept. 27 and 28.

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