Advancing Municipal Practices

Municipal Practices

Smart City Master Plan and Alberta Smart City AllianceTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue
Gordon Coulman, City of St. Albert
In 2016, the City of St. Albert presented a first of its kind “Smart CIty Master Plan”, which identifies various strategies for how St. Albert will grow as a Smart City into the future and has three key outcomes – higher corporate efficiency, dynamic economic development, and improved service delivery.
The City of St. Albert also launched, and now leads, the work of Alberta Smart City Alliance – a cross-sector collaboration of municipal, industry and academic leaders focused on improving Smart City awareness and adoption across the province. The Alliance hosts major symposiums, regional innovation sessions, and offers services direct to members.

Client Experience PilotTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue
Natalie Kahale, City of Ottawa
The Client Experience Pilot’s goal is to improve client satisfaction with the delivery of municipal services by measurability strengthening the culture of Service Excellence at the City, by improving the efficiency of City operations and by creating positive client experiences. The City-wide approach to design, execute, and measure service improvements based on direct client feedback (VoC insights) and employee voice will continue to build our resident’s confidence and trust in the City of Ottawa.

Silo-Blasting with the Continuous Improvement UnitTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue
Michael Duben, District Municipality of Muskoka
Upon its inception in late 2014, the District of Muskoka’s Continuous Improvement Unit (CIU) was tasked with a clear, although ambitious mandate: to improve service delivery, identify cost-saving opportunities, and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement across the municipality.
The CIU consists of 2.5 staff members who have been seconded from their home positions within the District to respond to emerging priority issues identified by District Council and tackle departmental initiatives previously hindered by lack of resources and capacity.

Niagara Open Data PortalTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue
Connie McCutcheon, Niagara Region
The Niagara Open Data portal is innovation in its approach as it is enabled by partnerships. It is not focused on any one organisation – the community has come together sharing the goal to make all of Niagara’s open data available in one place. The portal is managed by consortium and partners include government and academic organisations, boards, agencies and for social profits.

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