Thinking Like a Designer

Thinking Like a Designer

Helen Kerr, Marco Romano and Amy Stevens led a discussion and workshop to help participants bring design thinking and strategic foresight into local government.

Download the conference presentation – MIC2017 – Thinking LIke a Designer
Download the workshop workbook – Thinking Like a Designer workbook

Helen Kerr
Co-President, KerrSmith Design
Helen leads product and system development with a focus on research and strategic innovation. From the complex realm of city building and healthcare, to relevant sustainability issues, and the intimate study of how we eat, her insights and design direction guide clients to realize business ideas as fully integrated solutions. For more than 25 years, Helen has collaborated with her team to deliver complete brand experiences. She is an Associated Professor in graduate studies at OCADU. She has applied her foresight capabilities to government policy both federally and provincially and is often sought as a lecturer, juror and conference speaker. She has been recognized at the highest level by IDSA and Phaidon Press and was inducted into the The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2016.

Marco Romano
Service Innovation Advisor, Region of Peel
Marco is a strategic designer who is passionate about finding ways to help government deal with the mounting pressures of the complexities facing them. As a Service Innovation Advisor for the Region of Peel, Marco is working to share lessons learned from his academic research by looking for opportunities to complement and bolster existing organizational processes with more innovative, collaborative and human-centred approaches. Marco holds a BFA in Design and is a graduate of the Strategic Foresight and Innovation Master’s Program at OCAD University in Toronto.

Amy Stevens
Innovation Advisor, Region of Peel
Amy is an Innovation Advisor at the Region of Peel working to drive change inside government and lead a new way of thinking about the role of public sector innovation. She is a systems thinker who knows that change is hard but also possible with right people and mindsets collaborating to create new value. She takes a human-centred perspective to difficult design challenges and works to understand social problems through participatory design research methods, revealing new understanding of the problem in the process.
Amy is a Master’s Candidate of the Strategic Foresight and Innovation Program at OCAD University in Toronto. Her academic research is centred upon how to generate greater impact within the public sector through creative collaboration and co-design.

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