2018 Conference

Hey, municipal innovators!

The 2018 Municipal Innovators Conference was held September 19 – 21 in Calgary, Alberta. More than 220 municipal innovators gathered to share ideas, learn new tools and hear from experts in their field. It was, as promised, the innovatiest innovation event of the year!


Breakout Sessions:

  • Power of Partnerships | presentation
  • Re-imagining after school spaces for children: a tale of two cities | presentation
  • Creating Coventry: A community driven plan to improve & connect a neighbourhood’s parks | presentation
  • Creative Seed Sessions: Residents creating experiments in their neighbourhoods | presentation
  • Are you lab curious? A public sector fireside chat | presentation
  • Risk-taking, Experimentation, and Innovation and Procurement | presentation
  • How are we bettering out bureaucracies through policy, strategic planning and other ways? | presentation
  • Re-working Neighbourhoods the “Abundant Community” way | presentation
  • Recover: A Social Innovation to Approach to Improve Urban Wellness | presentation
  • How to Re-invent your Customer Experience: A Windsor & Calgary Case Study | presentation
  • Practical Methods to Effect Real Change: Design Thinking for Government | presentation
  • If We Build, Will They Come? Measuring Placemaking using Gehl Institute metrics | presentation
  • Building a Habit of Thinking in Futures: Strategic foresight in the municipal context | presentation
  • When is a Tree More Than a Tree? | presentation
  • Strength Over Stigma: A positive psychology model for mental health at the Calgary Fire Department | presentation
  • The Mentors Live: How to implement an Innovation Community of Practice | presentation| interview (coming soon)
  • Vaughan Inventors: A staff engagement initiative | presentation
  • Re-invent Human Potential | presentation
  • Designing Back to Front: Walking in their shoes | presentation
  • Bringing Street Safety to the Next Frontier of Smart Cities | presentation
  • Keeping Energies High During Project Lows | presentation
  • Risk-Based Decision Making for New and Emerging Risks | presentation

Innovation Showcase Gallery:

  • Three Conversations, One Calgary: The City’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2022 | poster
  • Calgary Rights of Way Management System and the future of our Municipal Roadways | poster
  • Calgary’s Cultural Landscapes: Managing Calgary’s Parks from a Cultural Perspective | poster
  • Crowdsourcing your Next Decision: Augment Your Data and Resources | poster
  • Pursuit of Appiness, Using Cloud Based Technology for Integrated Ecosystem Management | poster
  • Smart City experiments using Fibre Optics to sense the environment |poster
  • What would it take to master your disaster? | poster
  • Benchmarking City Services: Finding the courage to improve | poster (coming soon)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Tools for Promoting Positive Change in the Workplace | poster (coming soon)
  • Applying the Resilience Lens to City Decision Making | poster
  • Sunny side up! The City of Calgary’s commitment to sharing and using solar energy | poster
  • CITYzen Connect: a platform that re-constructs, citizen2citizen, citizen2city | poster
  • Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow | poster
  • Where the Wild Things Are: Harnessing the power of citizen scientists | poster
  • Changing the Way Calgary Plays | poster
  • Experimentation in Action at Calgary Transit – Integrated data for condition based decision making | poster
  • Citizen Entrepreneurship: Volunteers, change-makers, and citizen-doers reveal a path for municipal transformation | poster
  • Municipal Innovation Pilot Project: Building Our Solutions Together | poster

Download the MiC2018 Book.

Checkout the MIC2018 photo album.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of MiC2018! Stay tuned for more information about MiC2019 in Muskoka, Ontario.

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