2019 Conference

There was a lot to celebrate at MiC 2019 – our 5th anniversary and first time a regional municipality hosted the conference.   MiC2019 took place at Deerhurst Resort, just outside of Huntsville, Ontario, in the Region of Muskoka.  Famous for hosting World Leaders during the 2010 G8 Summit, Deerhurst Resort provided a perfect venue and inspirational setting for almost 200 municipal innovators to come together and learn from each other.

MiC 2019 – The Evolution of Ideas –  was designed for municipal innovators who are looking to change how our municipalities look at and approach innovation in the public sector, so we can move ahead to meet future demands. 

Download the presentations & learn more from municipal innovation leaders

DAY 1:

Human Centred Design

Innovation Tool Talk

The Interplay & Value of Analytics to Continuous Improvement

Fostering Innovation in Risk Averse Environments

Evolution in Municipal Engagement

Homegrown Solutions: Designing &Implementing an Innovative Onboarding Experience

Hearing from Who Cares: Tools for Public Participation

Planting the Seed: How a Single App Vaulted GIS into the Forefront of City Innovation

City + University + Students = CityStudio

Evolutions in Municipal Strategy & Planning

DAY 2:

Leaning In: Building a Culture of Innovation

Turning Government Direction into Innovative Solutions for Accessibility

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Creating Culture Through a Movement

Engaging Residents in Energy Efficiency

Civic Engagement Matters: Exploring the Evolution of Effective Public Engagement Practices in Hamilton

Adventure Time: Innovation Training

Building Priorities from Citizens Ideas

Engaging Students to Increase Public Transit Ridership

Purpose Alignment: Creating Project Values & Decision Making

A Targeted Approach to Attracting, Developing and Engaging Millennials in Municipal Governments

Small Change – How Innovation in a Non-Urban Municipality is Making Big Things Happen

For any questions, email mic2019@muskoka.on.ca

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