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The CIty of Barrie’s Recycled Street Sweepings pilot

Ok, we know Barrie gets a lot of snow – so they have a lot invested in Winter Control operations. In 2016, Barrie applied over 7000 tonnes of sand during winter operations. This sand is then cleared from city infrastructure in the spring during street sweeping, catch basin cleaning and other storm infrastructure maintenance. In past years, the street sweepings would have been sent to landfill, however staff from the Roads, Stormwater and Rail Operations branch at the City of Barrie recently unveiled a pilot to recycle this sand for 2017, avoiding over $400,000 in costs for disposal and new sand purchase. Learn more and get the recipe for “Recycled Winter Sand” here.

The City of Barrie’s Parking Post Straightener

Every year, parking posts are hit and bent by plows and cars. Bent poles can impact the metre performance, resulting in lost revenue and poor customer service. In the past, repairing the posts using chains and heavy vehicles ran the risk of damaging the metre or the surrounding groundcover.
The staff in the Parking branch of the Roads, Parks and Fleet department of the City of Barrie knew there had to be a better way.
Working with a local metal fabricator Barrie Welding, they built a base for a hydraulic pump post straightener that can straighten the post in minutes, while protecting the surrounding groundcover from damage. Login and visit the Open Source Solutions forum to download the design specs!

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