The Virtual Daily Stand Up

Holding a Daily Stand Up can help your team stay connected

A great productivity tip for distributed teams is the daily stand-up that identifies the tasks your team is working on, and any obstacles blocking progress. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, confirm priorities and collaborate – and to create connections when people aren’t working face-to-face.

There are a few ways to do the daily stand-up:

Video Conferencing – Using Microsoft Teams (or Zoom)

Hold a quick daily call each morning to review staff activities and share updates. Each person shares their answers to three questions:

1 – What did you work on yesterday?

2 – What are you working on today?

3 – What obstacles are you experiencing?

Audio Conferencing –

Conference calls are a great tool if you have team members without access to video tools, or with slower networks. Follow the same guidelines as the video-conference, but add a simple agenda with each participants’ name to ensure that everyone gets a chance to share.

Create a shared document –

If a live call isn’t practical due to scheduling or environmental concerns, but everyone has access to a shared drive, then create a shared document where you can store daily statuses.

Via email

Ask staff to send their supervisors/teams a daily email with their task priorities for the day, and any obstacles they are experiencing.

Even if you don’t need a daily stand-up, a simple daily team check-in can help your team feel connected. Pick a consistent time and channel, and host a short touchpoint every day to support staff during this time.

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