Setting up a Remote Work Station

While many of you may have worked from home and know exactly what to do to be successful, for some of you, this may be a first!  If you haven’t worked from home on a regular basis in the past, here are some tips for setting up a remote workstation.

Lighting: sitting in a space where you have sufficient lighting may seem obvious, but just a reminder that it is important.  These are stressful times and eyestrain can add to your stress and lead to headaches.

Seating: Seating you ask? Yes, seating! Make sure you chose a chair that is comfortable.  If necessary swap chairs as you go along to ensure you are moving around and not getting stuck in one position.  Our chairs at work are designed to be used for many hours a day, our dining room or kitchen chairs are not. 

Space:  make sure you pick an area to work where there is enough space to spread out.  At work, most people have a desk or space where they can spread out their stuff as needed to get their work done.    Don’t be tempted to sit on your couch with a laptop on your lap.  Find a table or desk where you can set up a computer and spread out your work appropriately.  This way, stuff will be at your fingertips and easy to find.  You’ll be able to stay “in the flow” easier if you don’t have to keep getting up to look for things.

Computer accessories (monitors, keyboard, mice, etc.): if possible try to replicate your office desk as much as possible.  If you use an external mouse or mousepad at the office, bring it home with you.  If you try to use the mouse tracking pad on your laptop and aren’t used to it, you may develop cramps in your fingers.  Same goes for keyboards as well.  To the extent possible, try to replicate your office environment at home.  We are all creatures of habit and you’ll find you’re more productive if things are set up similar to your desk at work.

Location:  Don’t be tempted to set up your workspace where there will be distractions (such as a tv or other members of your household – pets don’t count 😊).  If you have to work in an area where you might get distracted, try headphones to help keep you focussed.  Sometimes a radio can help act as white noise to drown out household noises.  You’ll feel much better about your progress at the end of your day if you can work relatively uninterrupted.

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